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Table 1 Scenerios used by simulated clients

From: Young peoples’ interface with providers of contraceptive care: a simulated client study in two Ugandan districts

Case 1: Injectable (DMPA)
A married young woman or man aged 20 years with a 2-year-old child. She/his wife has never used contraceptives before but wanted to control fertility because her husband/he has so many other children. She/his wife has never had any pelvic examination before and is on the 3rd day of the menstrual period.
Case 2: Oral contraceptive
A young-looking 16-year-old schoolgirl is having unprotected sex with a steady boyfriend and has no children. She is not sure if she is pregnant or not. She asks the provider for assistance in choosing an oral contraceptive method. She heard from friends that they can prevent pregnancy, nothing more. She has no health conditions (for example, diabetes or high blood pressure).
Case 3: Case 3: Implant
A 23-year-old married woman or man, seeking recommendations for a contraceptive method. She/he has two children (aged four and two) and does not wish to have any other child in the next 5 years. She/he knows little about the methods but heard of a method where something can be inserted under the woman’s skin and wants to try it. She/he has not used contraceptives before, and has unprotected sex.
Case 4: Oral contraceptive side effects
A young woman aged 17–19 years is using pills and does not like it any more. She asks the provider whether there is anything she can do about the nausea she has been experiencing since she started taking the pill 2 months ago. She likes the convenience of the pill- it does not interfere with the spontaneity of sex and it is more effective than condoms, which her boyfriend has been using.
Case 5: Condom
A young man is visiting his grandparents and he found a girl he is attracted to in the village, and wants to have sexual intercourse for the first time. He is very scared of making her pregnant and getting HIV. He heard about some contraceptive methods that can be used by a man, and would like to learn about them.
Case 6: Fertility awareness method (FAM)
A married woman or man aged 20 years with two children, one three years and the other 1 year old. She/he has never used contraceptives, doesn’t want to have more children in the near future, but wants to have unprotected sex. The profile requires the client to reject all methods offered except FAM. The client is afraid that the partner may not allow the use of other methods.