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Table 3 Difference in Mean Percentage of Observation Scores by Nurse Type

From: Task shifting levonorgestrel implant insertion to community midwife assistants in Malawi: results from a non-inferiority evaluation

Mean % of Observational Scores NMT CMA Difference* 95% CI
N = 29 N = 29 β (Lower CI, Upper CI)
Unadjusted 90.7 89.2 −1.5 −4.4, 1.4
Adjusted** 90.5 89.4 −1.1 −5.0, 2.7
  1. The non-inferiority margin (∆) was set at −10 for this study. While the upper limits of the confidence interval are not interpreted for non-inferiority analyses, the lower confidence interval was interpreted and was found to be within the 10%. The mean difference between the CMAs and NMTs was also found to be within 10%
  2. *Significant at p < 0.05
  3. **Scores adjusted or number of insertions pre-training, number of insertions during training, and years since graduation