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Table 2 Physician’s perceived barriers to offering immediate postpartum LARC amongst providers who DO NOT offer it

From: Ongoing barriers to immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraception: a physician survey

Perceived Barriers to Immediate Postpartum LARC Response Rate
N = 76
Implant Device availability 55 (72.4%)
IUD Device Availability 52 (68.4%)
Cost or Reimbursement of IUDs 41 (53.9%)
Cost or Reimbursement of implants 44 (57.9%)
Lack of training to place IP-IUDs 36 (47.4%)
High expulsion rate of IUDs 29 (38.2%)
Lack of patient interest 11 (14.5%)
Other* 14 (18.4%)
  1. Participants could select multiple barriers. *Other common barriers reported include a high follow-up of postpartum patients negating the necessity of immediate postpartum placement (N = 3) and working in a Catholic hospital (N = 3). LARC Long acting reversible contraception, IUD intrauterine device, IP immediate postpartum