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Table 5 Summary of contraceptive services women in the American carceral system want (key question 3)

From: Contraception need and available services among incarcerated women in the United States: a systematic review

Reference and YearContraception provisionEmergency contraception provisionEducational classesNon-experimental/gold standard careTrusted providersPostrelease follow-up care
Clarke et al., 2006a     
Sufrin, Tulsky, Goldenson, Winter, & Cohan, 2010     
LaRochelle et al., 2012     
Schonberg, Bennett, Sufrin, Karasz, & Gold, 2015 
Cannon et al., 2018    
Total (%)4/5 (80)2/5 (40)1/5 (20)1/5 (20)1/5 (20)1/5 (20)
  1. a Improving Birth Control Service Utilization by Offering Prerelease Vs. Postincarceration [9]