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Table 1 Description of study participants and characteristics of Studies included in the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Determinant of emergency contraceptive practice among female university students in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis

S. No Authors, Year Study setting Study design Data collection methods Sample size Prevalence % University/college Out come Specific factors
1 Marta T & Hinsermu B,2015 [19] Institutional cross-section Structured questioners 624 11.4 Debere Markos university Practice of emergency contraceptive Age, Marital status, father’s educational status of the students and knowledgeable on EC
2 Wegene T & Fikre E, 2007 [17, 20] Institutional cross-section Structured questioners 774 4.9 A.A& unity university Practice of emergency contraceptive Age, marital status and having child
3 Dejene T, TsionA, 2010 [21] Institutional cross-section Structured questioners 660 26.7 Adama university Predictors of emergency contraceptive Previous use of contraceptives, being married and age of 20 years and above, knowledge
4 Bahir K. A/Warri, 2018 [22] Institutional Retrospective cross-section Structured questioners 270 44.81 Jimma Teachers Training College Practice of emergency contraceptive Age and religion
5 Yohannes A, Hedija Y, 2018 [18] Institutional cross-section Structured questioners 515 78 Arbaminch university Emergency contraceptive utilization knowledge, good approach of EC service providers and positive attitude aboutECs
6 Kirubel M,Abebaw D,2019 [23] Institutional cross-section Structured questioners 241 33 Harar health science college Practice of emergency contraceptive knowledge
7 Bisrat Z, Bosena T, 2015 [24] Institutional Cross-sectional Structured questioners 489 46.3 Mizan-Tepi university Emergency contraceptive utilization Female students’ level of knowledge about EC, age at first sexual intercourse, previous use of regular contraceptives and history of pregnancy
8 Nigus C&Tilahun B,2010 Institutional Cross-sectional Structured questioners 508 30.9 Wollo university Emergency contraceptive utilization Currently, unmarried students and Those students who began sexual intercourse at age 13 years or less
9 Giziyenesh Kahsay, 2014 [25] Institutional Cross-sectional Structured questioners 628 62.6 Aksum university Emergency contraceptive utilization Respondents who visited religious place at least once a week were single, respondents who have good knowledge on contraceptive and study year
10 Tewodros G, Tamene T,2015 [26] Institutional Cross-sectional Structured questioners 424 44.4 Wachamo university Practice of emergency contraceptive Ever married, good knowledge
11 Senait G/mariam,2012 Institutional Cross-sectional Structured questioners 331 13.1 Woliyta Sodo university Practice of emergency contraceptive Age, urban resident, ever had sex, favorable attitude
12 Habtamu A, Muleta M,2014 [27] Institutional Cross-sectional Structured questioners 549 18.4 Debere Markos university Practice of emergency contraceptive Age, ever married, favorable attitude