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Table 1 Summary of all studies

From: Why does uptake of family planning services remain sub-optimal among Nigerian women? A systematic review of challenges and implications for policy

Author/Year of publication Type of study Location of study Uptake/contraceptive prevalence Factors/challenges to uptake
Oye-Adeniran/2006 [22] Cross-sectional study Anambra, Oyo, Kaduna & Bauchi 22.1% Client and Health service related
Okanlawon/2010 [23] Cross-sectional Ogun 31.6% Client and Health service related
Nwachukwu/2008 [15] Cross sectional Imo 29.7% Client related and Health service related
Umoh/2011 [29] Cross-sectional Akwa-Ibom 52.6% Client related
Idris/2013 [21] Crosss-sectional Kaduna 14% Client related
Asekun-Olarinmoye/2013 [24] Cross-sectional study Osun 13.1% Client related
Eluwa/2016 [20] Cross-sectional Anambra, Abia, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu 41% Client related
Ugboaja/2011 [31] Cross-sectional Anambra 44% Client related
Egede/2015 [13] Cross-sectional Ebonyi 28.3% Client related
Adebayo/2016 [35] Cross-sectional Ondo 66.8% Client related
Durowade/2017 [17] Cross-sectional Ekiti 50.5% Client related
Solanke/2017 [37] Cross-sectional study (secondary data analysis) Nigeria 19.8% Client related
Etokidem/2017 [30] Cross-sectional Cross-River 17.2% Client related
Okigbo/2014 [16] Cross sectional Cross River 25.9% (among ART clients), 15.8%(among HCT clients) Client Related
Adebowale 2011 [36] Cross sectional (Secondary data analysis) Nigeria 26% Client Related
Schwandt/2017 [14] Cross-sectional Abuja, Benin, Ibadan, Ilorin, Kaduna, Zaria NA Health service related
Akamike/ 2019 [32] Quasi-experimental Ebonyi 9.9% in intervention arm, 12.8% in control arm Client and Health Service related
Abiodun /2015 [33] Cross sectional Ogun 54.1% (EC) Client related
Adefalu/2019 [27] Qualitative Kebbi and Sokoto NA Client and Health service related
Adeyemi/2016 [34] Cross sectional Oyo 25.4% Client related
Bishwajit/2018 [38] Secondary data Analysis Nigeria 16% Client Related
Chimah/ 2016 [18] Cross sectional Lagos 31.1% Client related
Johnson 2/017[39] Secondary data analysis Nigeria 10.3% Client related
Omo-Aghoja/2009 [19] Cross sectional Delta 29% Client related
Sinai /2019 [28] Qualitative Kaduna NA Client and health service related
Ankomah /2013 [40] Qualitative 13 States in Nigeria NA Client and Health worker related
Aransiola /2014 [41] Qualitative Ibadan and Kaduna NA Client related
  1. EC Emergency contraception, ART Antiretroviral, HCT HIV counseling & Testing.