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Table 3 Potential low-cost interventions to address the demand-side barriers to adequate uptake of antenatal care

From: A qualitative study exploring barriers to adequate uptake of antenatal care in pre-conflict Syria: low cost interventions are needed to address disparities in antenatal care


Dimensions of access



Accessibility (geographical and financial)



Improves knowledge about available ANC services and type of services provided by different types of providers (private, public).

Improves knowledge about available health services that are closest to where women live and types of services provided at such health facilities.

Increases knowledge about benefits of ANC improving trust in biomedical care and reducing reliance on unreliable sources of information.


Encourages women to be more proactive and obtain information on health services.

Increases women’s autonomy to improve their access to resources that impact on their geographical and financial access to services.

Increases women’s autonomy to enable them to communicate more effectively with health providers, improving the patient-provider relationship and the acceptability of services.

mHealth tools

A platform to deliver messages to promote behavior change and improve uptake of ANC