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Table 1 Characteristics of 6 patients undergoing removal of subfascial etonogestrel contraceptive implant by orthopaedic surgeons, including the length of time each patient had their implants, any attempts at in-office removal and surgical duration. One patient with prior implant transitioned to an alternative form of contraception before receiving her second implant and the other patient had her implant removed at the time of replacement of the most recent one. (BMI: Body mass index reported in kilogram/meters^2; MAC: Monitored Anesthesia Care)

From: Subfascial‐located contraceptive devices requiring surgical removal

AGE BMI Subfascial/Intramuscular Duration (years) First implant or prior? Removal Attempts Anesthesia Procedure Duration (minutes)
31 19.1 Subfascial 2.96 First Once MAC/local 15
26 22.0 Subfascial 2.68 First None MAC/local 12
28 24.6 Subfascial 0.76 One prior (ipsilateral), removed in office None MAC/local 18
31 20.5 Subfascial 2.88 First Once MAC/local 11
33 36.5 Subfascial 1.02 First None Regional 10
19 21.5 Intramuscular 0.92 One prior (ipsilateral), removed in office None MAC/local 20
28 24.0       14.3 average