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Table 1 Challenges faced during implementation of the study and corresponding actions undertaken

From: Improving public health service delivery response to address contraceptive needs of socio-economically disadvantaged HIV positive people in Maharashtra, India

Activity Challenges Action Taken
HIV-FP linked services Discriminatory services and negative work attitude of providers ▪ Brainstorming and experience sharing with health providers regarding their apprehensions about providing services to people living with HIV (PLHIV)
▪ Refresher training to guide district-level health providers in assessing medical eligibility of PLHIVs for contraceptive use
▪ Advised health providers to follow universal safety measures while performing IUCD insertion, medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), Tubal Ligation (TL) and delivery of HIV positive women
Supplies Inopportune indenting and frequent stock-out ▪ Liaised with the district, regional and state officials of Family Welfare Bureau and State AIDS Control Society in issuing required FP commodities and STI kits
▪ Supplied Information Education Counselling (IEC) materials on FP and dual methods of contraception
Management Information System No/under-reporting of FP indicators ▪ Strengthened monitoring to maintain records of HIV-FP linked services at Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGY) and Out-Patient Department (OPD)
▪ Conducted concurrent meetings with concerned health providers at ART, ICTC, and STI centers to report FP related indicators in monthly reporting formats