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Table 5 Reasons for not wanting/choosing immediate postpartum LARC (n = 20)

From: Women’s informed choice and satisfaction with immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraception in Georgia

Reason %
Had concerns about side effects 75.0
Did not like the idea of a foreign object 70.0
Did not like the idea of hormones in body 60.0
Did not like that it cannot be removed by self 50.0
Afraid it was going to hurt 40.0
Preferred another kind of birth control 40.0
Wanted to wait until postpartum visit 40.0
Worried that LARC would make breastfeeding harder 35.0
Partner did not want her to get LARC 30.0
Did not know could get one right after delivery, before leaving the hospital 30.0
Did not have the money to pay for it 25.0
Did not know enough about LARCs 20.0
Want to get pregnant again within a year 20.0
Other family members or friends did not want her to get LARC 15.0