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Table 1 Sample characteristics of sexually active men 15–59 years in Ethiopia (2016 EDHS) (weighted)

From: Determinants of modern contraceptive use among sexually active men in Ethiopia; using EDHS 2016 national survey

CharacteristicsNumber (N)Percent (%)
Contraceptive use
 None/Traditional methods937873.9
vPartner methods239418.9
 Male methods9167.2
Socio-demographic factors
Marital status
 Ever married but not together3753.0%
 Married and living with partner720856.8%
 Never union510540.2%
Education level of respondents
 no education351727.7%
Current working
Total children over born
 3 and above468937.0%
 1–2 children212616.8%
 no child587346.3%
Socio-economics factors
Wealth index
Interaction with health system
Discussed FP with health worker
Access to media
Frequency of reading newspaper/magazine
 At least once a week135010.6%
 less than once a week246619.4%
 not at all887269.9%
Frequency of listening to radio
 At least once a week379329.9%
 less than once a week304624.0%
 not at all584946.1%
Frequency of watching TV
 At least once a week343327.1%
 less than once a week304024.0%
 not at all621549.0%
Behavioral/attitudinal factors
Women who use contraceptive become promiscuous
 Don’t know7966.3%
Number of wives/partners
 Two and more wives4723.7%
 one wife673653.1%
 No wife548043.2%
Contraception is a women’s business
 Don’t know6905.4%
  1. *TV Television