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Table 1 Comparison of anthropometric indexes and BPs between the two groups

From: The impacts of pill contraceptive low-dose on plasma levels of nitric oxide, homocysteine, and lipid profiles in the exposed vs. non exposed women: as the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases

Anthropometric indexes and BPThe users of LD pillsThe non-users of LD pillsP- value
BMI (kg/ m2)26.023 ± 3.93525.356 ± 4.852.045
WHR0.847 ± 0.0630.852 ± 0.0730.71
Systolic BP (mmHg)107.50 ± 9.978105.22 ± 10.8040.27
Diastolic BP (mmHg)73.140 ± 7.33171.04 ± 7.0790.14