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Table 2 Private providers of abortion and contraception in Cambodia

From: Family planning practices of women working in the Cambodian garment industry: a qualitative study

The private healthcare services relevant to abortion and contraception can be roughly divided into the following types [16, 20].
1. Medical consulting cabinet managed by a doctor or a physician assistant. This facility provides general medical consultation and examination and maternal and child health services except for delivery. There is no inpatient space, and any type of surgery is not allowed.
2. Prenatal consulting cabinet managed by a secondary midwife with at least three years of professional education. This facility provides antenatal care, health education, and pre- and post-delivery vaccinations. Deliveries are not conducted here.
3. Clinic or polyclinic managed by a doctor with at least 5 years of experience who is either retired, has suspended their state service without pay, or has terminated their state service. Such clinics provide examination and consultation of outpatients and inpatients, conduct paramedical analysis, minor and major surgery, vaccinations, health education, maternal healthcare services including delivery and transfusion.
4. Pharmacy selling various medications, including medical abortion pills.
5. Factory infirmary managed by a doctor and one or two nurses. Factories are obliged to have the infirmary under their human resource department to provide basic medical care for general mild health problems.
  1. Images show the area surrounding garment factories (left and middle) and a bed in a cabinet (right)