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Table 6 Identified Motivators, Abilities and Triggers

From: Patterns of triggers, ideation and motivational factors of contraceptive utilization among women and gate-keepers in Nigeria: a scoping study on the resilient and accelerated scale up of DMPA-SC in Nigeria (RASUDIN)

Motivators Abilities Triggers
• Fear of unwanted pregnancy
• Benefits of FP
• Economic situation
• Accessibility and Suitability
• Encouragement from partners
• Negative experiences from personal and close relatives
• Long lasting methods
• Methods with less side effects
• Awareness about methods
• Cost-Affordability
• Influence from friends
• Availability of methods
• Effectiveness of methods
• Privacy of methods
• Ability to self-administer
• Willingness to use
• Self will
• Personal experience
• Personal conviction
• Appointment cards
• Phone calls
• Text message reminders
• Partner reminder
• Home visits by health worker or community volunteer