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Table 4 Perceptions of community members on FP services by sex

From: Sex differences in family planning knowledge, attitudes, and use in Uganda

Perception/Attitude Overall (n = 4,128) Female (n = 2,936) Male (n = 1,192) P-value
Perceived availability of FP services in the community     
Agree that modern FP are always available in my community when I need them 69.9 71.1 66.7 0.005*
Perceived affordability of FP services in the community     
Modern contraceptives are affordable in my community 52.6 52.3 53.5 0.457
Community perception of the quality of FP services     
Agree that FP services provided in public health facilities are of high quality 73.1 75.0 68.5 0.000*
Beliefs about FP services     
Believe that using modern FP can result in infertility 36.4 35.1 39.7 0.005*
Believe that using IUDs can result in cancer 41.9 41.6 42.5 0.590
Believe that using Sayana Press reduces sexual pleasure 11.4 12.5 8.6 0.000*
Self-efficacy about FP services     
I am embarrassed to get/ask about FP from a health facility 11.3 11.2 11.5 0.816
I would be embarrassed if people found out that I am using FP 10.0 9.9 10.0 0.790
It is ok for a woman/girl to suggest to her male partner that they use a condom or another method to avoid pregnancy 87.5 87.9 86.4 0.198
My partner would be annoyed with me if they discovered I was asking for condoms, pills or other FP methods 29.8 34.2 18.7 0.000*
My friends would laugh at me/ tease me if they found out that I was asking for condoms, pills or other FP services 12.6 13.9 12.1 0.108
  1. * Implies statistically significant results at 5 % level of significance